Help my ipod mini can't be read from or written to

Hello my ipod mini says it can't be read from or written too please help reply back to

P.S can the battery be the problem i restored it and all and it still won't work

Thnaks in advance

Joshua Tucker

Audiophiles unite!

So, how can I get the absolute highest quality files from my CDs when I import them?

dvorak keyboard layout

well this is my first post using the dvorak keyboard layout. i've only used it for a day and i can already type at 20 wpm.

Fsck'n hackers

Pweb was hit again by that (removed) Hacker. I have posted before about MacForum going down, but this time he went too far. And he shut down Macforums for good. The account got deleted, and everytime we redid the database throughout this whole time, he kept finding a way to get in.

A Day in the Life of a Linux Virgin


Close but no cigar

My website.

So, I'll be putting up art.

For now, a quick example


my wife's portfolio...critique or job offers welcome!

Beta Day Final MacQuarium Assembly

I thought my 10 year old son was gonna explode wating for this day. I have been ordering parts and learning to wire LED's and Weld Acrylic and Water Proofing. To him it felt like forever. He took a long time picking out his fish. He is working out a feeding schedual with his Little Sister. 'till she gets her very own. I a hunting down a Mac Plus for her.

Job, gas, and other worries.

So life's kinda hectic lately. I got a job, at the Boardwalk, working weekends for $7.25 an hour. So I get to drive somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 miles a week. Thats insane. Plus, I go to Castroville almost every Saturday, and most Sundays, too. Jeez. I have $20 in the bank. It costs me more than that to fill up my tank. I have half a tank left.

PC Projects- Ubuntu Linux on Dell Laptop

There was an extra Dell at work, so I formatted it and installed Ubuntu Flight 4.

It crusied along nicely, then choked on the kernel. Then it presented me with a choice of 3 kernels, so I chose the bottom one because it had a version number in it.

That seemed to work fine.

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