WANG Computer

WANG Mainframe - 9
This historical curiosity I picked up at a school. I'm not entirely sure what it does or how it does it.

WANG Mainframe - 7

WANG Mainframe - 7

Aamber Pegasus

Aamber Pegasus
The Aamber Pegasus is a somewhat elusive beast. First produced in New Zealand in 1981, it was the first kit computer developed & sold within the nation.

The Luggage

An innovative attempt at building an Amiga laptop.

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Aurora 8260

After getting my new Nokia 8260 phone, I decided that I really didn't like the icky green lighting. The display was vile, and the keypad was hard to read. So I changed it to blue for the display and red for the keypad. Here are some shots taken in the light and in the dark with no flash.


Steve Jobs would be proud.

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Seiko Datagraph UC-2001

The original PDA-on-a-wrist.

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Time Trax II

Time Trax II - main menu
The calendar software for interacting with the Seiko Datagraph wristwatch.


This early graphic tablet emulated the joystick.

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Amdek Amdisk I

The 3" Amdek Amdisk I was one of a number of floppy drives that battled it out to replace the 5 1/4" drives.

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